Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences




Giovanni B. Crosta

Full professor of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology at the Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, since 2003. He has been visiting scientist at USGS (Golden, Co, USA) in 1990-1991, and at Tongji University (Shanghai, China) in 2013-2014. Chair Professor at Tongji University, Dept. of Geotechnical Engineering, Innovation Center for Disaster Prevention, Shanghai, China since 2014. Since 2008 Director of the Master in “Management of Water Resources in International Cooperation” at University of Milano Bicocca. Head of the Department of Geological Sciences and Geotechnologies, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca (2005-2012).
He has covered the position of Editor in Chief, Engineering Geology journal (2005 – 2013), Associate Editor for the Italian Journal of Geosciences (since 2009), Editorial Board for Engineering Geology (since 2014), Landslides (since 2014) and Guest Editor of various Special Issues on International ISI Journals. Member of: the CIRM Hydrocarbons and Mineral Resources Commission, General directorate for mining and energy resources, Italian Ministry of Economic Development (2013-2016); the Evaluation Research Board for EDRW-ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2011); the Italian Research Evaluation Board for ANVUR Ministry of University (2012-2013, 2016); the advisory Board of Åknes/Tafjord Early-warning Centre, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy directorate (2009-2016); the Technical Committee for the evaluation of the project “Monitoring of the Frank slide”, Geological Survey of Alberta, Canada (2013). President of the Italian National Group of the IAEG International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment. He published about 100 papers on peer reviewed international journals. He has been coordinator or principal investigator of various national and international research projects and of research grants.


Paolo Frattini

Paolo Frattini is Associate Professor in Engineering Geology since 2014. He graduated in Environmental Sciences in 1998 at Milano University, and he got a PhD in Engineering Geology in 2003, at Ferrara University. His research is focus on: study and modeling of shallow landslides triggering mechanisms; study and monitoring of slope hydrological processes of slopes; modeling susceptibility landslide hazard with statistic and physically-based models; risk analysis and cost benefit analysis; study and modeling of propagation processes for long-runout, high-velocity landslides (debris flows, rock falls and rock avalanches); groundwater flow modelling.

He participated to many national and international Projects: (FIRB2001, PRIN2003, Progetto ASI “MORFEO: MOnitoraggio e Rischio da Frana mediante dati EO”, V FP “DAMOCLES, VI FP “LESSLOSS, VI FP “NATASHA, VII FP SAFELAND, JPI Cultural Heritage PROTHEGO) and published more than 70 papers on international journals, and he has a Scopus h-of 21 (@ December 2017).


Federico Agliardi

Associate Professor (Engineering Geology) at UNIMIB, landslide and geomechanics specialist. Degree in Geological Sciences and PhD in Earth Sciences (University of Milano). I am interested in the interplay among geological structure, the hydro-mechanical behaviour of rocks, slope instability processes on different spatial and temporal scales and their geomorphological, geohazards and engineering aspects.

Research topics: mechanisms and long-term evolution of slow rock slope deformation; monitoring and modelling of large landslides; laboratory rock deformation; geomechanical properties of fractured media (field); rock fall modelling and protection. Teaching (UNIMIB Geological Sciences and Technologies degree program): “Geological mapping II” (BSc), “Engineering-geological survey and site investigation”, “Slope Stability” (MSc). UNIMIB coordinator of the National “Scientific Degree Project – Geology” 2016-18. Participated in several national (PRIN, ASI-MORFEO) and international (INTERREG II-C “Falaises”; EU-FP5 DAMOCLES, EU-FP6 LESSLOSS; EU-FP7 SAFELAND) research projects. I gave over 65 conference presentations and published over 60 papers (27 on ISI journals).


Giuseppe Dattola

PostDoc Researcher


Giulia Rusconi

Masters’s degree researcher in Geology at the University of Milan-Bicocca with a thesis in applied geology: “Analysis of shallow landslides in Lombardy in the last thirty years and definition of rainfall thresholds”. Research activity: Modeling of rockfall on a regional scale and hazard study.





Politecnico di Milano

Departement of Civil and Environmental Engineering




Claudio Giulio di Prisco

Full Professor of Geotechnics and Slope Stability at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, since 2006. Member of the Council of Doctoral Schools in “Structural Engineering, Physical and Geotechnical Engineering” of the Milan Polytechnic and in “Geotechnical Engineering” of the Polytechnic of Turin. From 2017 Director of the Master in “Tunnel Engineering” at the Politecnico di Milano. He was Director of the International Association “Alert Geomaterials” (2005-2011), Vice President of the Italian division of “International Geosynthetics Society” AGI-IGS (2012-2016), member of the Editorial Committee of “Geotechnique” (2014-2017). Editor for “European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering”, “Engineering Geology”, “Italian Journal of Geotechnics”, “Galleries”, “Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Materials”, “International Journal of Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics”. Member of: Board of Directors of ALERT Geomaterials, Board of CNIG Geotechnical Engineering National Group (2012-2015), Board of Directors of the Italian Geotechnical Association (from 2012), Technical Committee 207 “Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls” of ISSGME International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. He has participated in numerous national and international projects: RELUIS 2016-18; RELUIS 2010-13; RELUIS 2005-08; PRIN-MIUR 2013; PRIN-MIUR 2007; FIRB-MIUR 2004; PRIN-MIUR 2002; PON.01 2012-14; Project Accident 2009-12; EU Safe-land 2009-11 – subcontractor of UNISA; EU LESSLOSS 2004-07 – subcontractor of UNIMIB; CEE Project DIGA 2002-05. He has published more than 110 articles in international journals, with over 1130 citations and h-index 18 (Scoups).


Irene Redaelli

Irene Redaelli is Post Doc at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano (Darflis and RockHorizon projects). Graduated cum Laude in 2011 in Civil Engineering – Geotechnics; PhD in Structural and Seismic Engineering and Geotechnics at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano in 2016. From October 2016 to March 2018 she was post doc at the Department of Mechanics of the Piacenza Campus. From February to April 2016 she was a research fellow at the University of Padua (Department of Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering). From April to October 2011 she was a collaborator at the University of Salerno. In 2011 she was a visiting student at the University of Oxford. Since 2012 she has carried out various teaching and tutoring activities for the Geotechnical and Stability of Slopes courses at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for the Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Architecture, Construction Engineering and Construction in Milan and at the Lecco Campus. In the 2017-2018 academic year she was a contract professor for the Geotechnical and Laboratory course at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Milan. Since 2016 she is organizer of the Second Level Master in Tunnel Engineering at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano. She has been reviewer for international journals, co-presenter of Master’s degree thesis. She is the author of 5 articles in international journals and of 8 Contributions in Conference Proceedings, 1 volume chapter, 1 Poster. She has been a speaker at international and 3 national conferences.


Dalila Vescovi

PostDoc researcher at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano. She graduated in Mathematical Engineering in 2010 at the Politecnico di Milano, where she received her PhD in Environmental Engineering and Infrastructure in 2014. She was PostDoc at the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlans) in 2015-2016.
In 2016 he won the postdoctoral research fellowship awarded by the Fratelli Confalonieri Foundation with the research project “modeling granular systems at the micro and macro scale”. His research focuses on: constitutive modeling of the mechanical behavior of granular materials; numerical simulations of granular flows with discrete mechanics methods; theoretical modeling of the phase transition in granular systems and coupling between micro and macro scale; theoretical and numerical modeling of rapid landslide propagation; application of kinetic theories of granular gases to soils. He has published 12 articles in international journals, with 111 citations and h-index 6 (Scoups).