WP1-Geodatabase of rockfalls




The WP is focused on the analysis of existing datasets and construction of a GIS geodatabase by collection of new data from scientific technical literature, newspapers, web sources. In particular, Google Search allows to make focused searches, day by day, on the most relevant keywords (rockfall, landslide, “frana”, “crollo”, “masso”).





The geodatabase of landslides is created starting from the IFFI catalog produced by the University of Milan Bicocca starting from 2001. The inventory includes 1300 events of  rockfall.

In order to update and complete the IFFI database, approximately 350 historical rockfall events (from 1961 to 2018) based on bibliographic and archive data sources were identified.A new database is created with detailed information on: location of the posting (with relative coordinates of the detachment or stopping point and their degree of precision), municipality, province, date, time, volume, number of deaths, number of injured and evacuated, type of infrastructural damage (functional, structural or aesthetic) and source of information.




On going research


For the duration of the project the database will be updated. At the end of the project, the data acquired will be transferred to the Lombardy Region for the implementation of the GeoIFFI database.