The RockHoRiZon project aims at supporting regional and national actions for rockfall risk prevention and protection in Regione Lombardia. Rockfalls endanger a wide part of the alpine terrains causing consistent losses in terms of injuries, casualties and economic damages to structures and infrastructures. In the alpine territories these remains the most dangerous events with the highest recurrence. The objective of this project is to improve the scientific understanding of rockfall hazard and risk, providing a benefit to the scientific community, administrators and professionals in charge of risk management. To achieve this goal a multidisciplinary methodology is proposed through:

  • Data collection and the implementation of a rockfall database
  • Analysis of the relationship between triggers and rockfalls
  • Rockfall 3D modelling and simulation
  • Creation of rockfall hazard and risk maps
  • Investigation of future scenarios of rockfall hazard and risk

The implementation of the project will be done by Università di Milano Bicocca and Politecnico di Milano.




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